Youth Group Activities - Escape Room for Kids
in Salt Lake City, UT

Bring the young people!

Customize Your Youth Group Package

  • Select the escape rooms you want (max 10 guests per room).
  • All of the rooms that you book will start at the same time. No waiting! Youth groups can enjoy some friendly competition as they race to see who can escape their room first.
  • Maximum capacity (all rooms booked) = 100 guests / 10 rooms
  • Wednesday evenings are popular for youth group bookings, but we are happy to host your group whenever works best for you. We recommend booking as far in advance as you can to make sure you get the time/date you want.
  • Flat rate of $200/room + tax

SLC Escape Room Options

The Heist

4 Rooms Available


Reactor Meltdown

2 Rooms Available


Egyptian Tomb

2 Rooms Available


Zombie on a Chain

2 Rooms Available


More Youth Group Activity Options

Conference Room
Max = 25 people

A private room that can fit up to 25 people.

The conference room is great for post-escape discussions, presenting awards, or any other group gathering you'd like to have. It's also a great space for serving and eating food if you include that with your your group package (See "Catering" and "Bring Your Own Food").

Lobby Space
Max = 50 people

The Lobby has more space available than the Conference Room but with less privacy.

We have plenty of tables and seating for large group gatherings. Youth groups can enjoy our selection of board games, puzzles, and our games.


Getout Games Salt Lake City will soon become your one-stop solution for your large group booking needs! In the near future, your youth group will be able to select catering options as part of your package booking. You just pick what you want and we will have your food ready for you. This option will be available soon!

Bring Your Own Food
$20 Cleaning Fee

With rental of the Conference Room, your youth group can enjoy food together as part of your escape room package. You can either bring food in or organize catering for yourselves. You will just be charged a $20 cleaning fee.

"Debriefing" Experience
Any size group

Once you escape your rooms and finish your victory celebrations, a trained Getout Games facilitator will take your youth group through a post-mission activity. This is an opportunity to learn about teamwork, conflict resolution, and good communication. Who says that a fun youth group activity can't also be educational? This experience involves some unique group activities.

*1 hour

*Includes team-building activities

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*Multi-room packages are recommended for larger groups (12 or more participants). If your group will include less than 12 people, we recommend you book a single escape room. You can make a regular single-room reservation by selecting a mission under the "Escape Rooms" tab on our main menu.

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    The Perfect SLC Youth Group Activity

    So you're in charge of planning a youth group activity? Salt Lake City's Getout Games has you covered! This is the perfect activity for your youth, and here are some reasons why:

    Something Different

    Escape rooms are a blast! Instead of repeating the worn out activities your youth group has grown tired of, a visit to Getout Games in downtown SLC is all it takes to start exploring an Egyptian Tomb, finding a zombie virus antidote, or preventing a nuclear meltdown! Your group will need to work together to complete their mission and find their way out of the room before time runs out. It's a unique kind of thrill!

    Getout Games escape rooms are full of clever puzzles, challenges, and a few surprises. Even youth who have never done an escape room before will quickly become immersed in the mission. All it takes is some brain power and a little teamwork!

    Fits the Budget

    We understand that many youth groups are somewhat limited in their funds available for activities. Getout Games is proud to be the most affordable escape room venue in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area! We want you to be able to bring the whole crew! The biggest groups get the best rates. Your youth and your wallet will thank you.

    Free Church Escape Room Activity

    We created a mobile version of an escape room that you can set up yourself and enjoy wherever your youth group meets! All you need to do to get started is download the instructions, puzzles, and video files. It's especially suited for use in religious youth group activities. It has been dowloaded and used to teach and entertain youth in many countries all around the world!


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