The Superhero Standoff Escape Room in Provo, UT

Book your (secret) mission in PROVO

One by one, Master Mindwire has eliminated The Hero Force, whose sworn duty is to protect the human race. As each hero fell, the world grew a little darker. The museum stands as a final reminder of better days, before the mechanical-minded villain began his hero-centric purge.

But all hope is not lost. In the final battle of the heroes, just as Mindwire was banishing the last hero to the hidden realm, a cry was heard that rose above the clamor of battle. Perhaps aided by the unseen, this cry penetrated the hearts and minds of every person throughout the four lands. This echoing cry, alone, stands as the final flicker of hope:

There are heroes among us.

Avenge the Heroes. Become the Heroes.

escape them all


  • Pricing: 1-9 people: $20 each, 10 people: $18 each
  • We recommend blocking out 1-1.5 hours for your adventure
  • Please arrive about 10 minutes early
  • A waiver is required for insurance purposes.
  • Refunds are not generally available but we are almost always able to reschedule your game with at least an hours notice
  • This room requires at least 4 participants. If you do not have 4, we encourage you to book in the hope that another group joins you. If no one else joins then we will happily reschedule your game
  • Unfortunately, this particular escape room is NOT wheelchair accessible. Sorry!


  • This experience has one room designed to hold up to 10 people
  • Groups booking fewer than 10 spots may be paired with other participants
  • If you want to reserve an entire room to yourselves, book for 10 people and you’ll enjoy our discounted, full-room pricing
  • Please contact us with questions regarding fitting more than 10 in the room


call/text 801-810-7264 (Provo)