in case you were wondering

Depending on the room and the number of people in your group, prices range from $16 to $22 per person.
Click on the blue “Book Here” button on the corresponding game and city where you want to play. Select the number of participants and the date you’d like to attend. The prompts will then walk you through the reservation process.
We recommend reserving your spot as soon as you know when you would like to come.
Call Us! We’ll work with you to arrange a time that fits your needs. We are open Monday through Saturday.
The Heist, the Reactor Room, and the Egyptian Tomb require a minimum of four players. Our Zombie on a Chain Room requires six players. If you don’t have this many people, you can still book in the hope that another group joins you. If nobody else books for the same time, however, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule. Our recommendation wherever possible is to sign up with a group.
Yes. If you are reserving an entire room and would like to bring a couple extra people we can often accommodate you. Call us and we can help make the arrangements.
Custom scheduling of groups/parties is available. Go here for more information or call us and we can help accommodate you.
Absolutely. Kids 12 and older can sign up with no restrictions.
Kids 4 to 11 can participate when a group books an entire room (as some of our guests aren’t used to the energy that often comes from being in a room with younger children.) Kids can really enjoy the rooms but some of the puzzles are more difficult and will require the adults to solve them.
Kids 0 to 3 are not required to pay and are allowed when a group books an entire room. In considering whether or not to bring young infants and toddlers, you may want to consider how most infants and toddlers may struggle to remain well behaved for 60 minutes in a single room.
If you have booked out an entire room, you will be guaranteed your own room. If you have booked a partial room then potentially you will be paired with others for the game.
Games typically last 60 minutes.
Yes. There is parking along the street in front of the building and on the the street to the north side of the building. You can also park in the corner lot (to the north of Getout Games) weekday nights after 5 and on Saturdays.
Most people wear normal clothes. However, feel free to dress up and get in character for your particular room/mission.
We have accommodated businesses, high school dance groups, birthday parties, youth groups, etc. If you have specific questions regarding your group please contact us here.


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call or text 801-810-7264 (Provo)
Or 385-355-1180 (SLC)