“Getout” more in SLC!

 If you’re searching for things to do in Salt Lake City, look no further. 

Getout Games offers thrilling live adventure experiences for everyone. Come with your friends, family, or co-workers as you try to puzzle your way out of the escape rooms together. Escape rooms are also a great Salt Lake City group date idea.

The Heist


Mission: Steal the Gold
Mob Boss: Crazy Coz
Heisters per Room: 8-10


4 identical rooms available

Reactor Meltdown


Mission: Shut Down Nuclear Reactor
Physicist: Professor Von Schnitzel
Engineers per Room: 10


2 Identical Rooms Available

Egyptian Tomb


Mission: Discover the Tomb's Secrets
Who's Tomb: The Dark Pharaohess
Explorers per Room: 10


2 Identical Rooms Available

Zombie on a Chain


Mission: Stay Alive
The Experiment: Doctor X
Scientists per Room: 12


2 Identical Rooms Available


202 W 400 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Tel: 385-355-1180

Monday 1:30-10:45 PM
Tuesday 1:30-10:45 PM
Wednesday 1:30-10:45 PM
Thursday 1:30-10:45 PM
Friday 1:30-12:15 AM
Saturday 11:00 AM-12:15 AM

**If you would like to schedule a game outside of regular business hours, email us at**


We have our own parking lot! There is also street parking available in the area if the lot is full.


4 different missions
10 total escape rooms

Planning a Group Activity in Salt Lake City?

Whether it’s for a group date in Salt Lake City, a bachelor or bachelorette party, or a family reunion, Getout Games is perfect for group activities. 

We can accommodate 100+ people at once! Booking a multi-room experience is easy. Just let us know what you need and we'll get you set up! 

The Thing to Do in Salt Lake City

If you’re trying to figure out what to do in Salt Lake City this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Our premier SLC escape rooms are like no other and will provide an unforgettable experience. 

At Getout Games, you get to be the hero of your very own story. We have tons of different themed adventures for you to choose from. 

Here are just a few: 

  • Stealing gold from a mob boss
  • Stopping an evil scientist from setting off a nuclear bomb
  • Discovering the secrets of an Egyptian tomb

When you’re tired of watching movies on your couch or just going out for dinner on the weekends, take the excitement to the next level with Getout Games’ escape rooms. It’s a great way to bond with family, catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, and even strengthen team unity between co-workers.

What Makes Getout Games So Fun?

We’re glad you asked! Maybe the best part about the escape rooms at Getout Games in SLC is that you get to play with your friends and family. Assemble your team carefully to take on mysteries, murders, and supervillains. 

Since SLC escape rooms are interactive, the adventures and thrills you’ll experience are real (but don’t worry, the murders aren’t)! It's a great way to get off of your screen and have face-to-face time with the people you like most. If you’re not sure what to do in SLC this weekend, come visit us!

Are Escape Rooms a Good SLC Group Date Idea?

Actually, we think they’re great for group dates. Booking an escape room will not only impress your date, it will also provide a unique and memorable adventure everyone will love. 

Here are a couple reasons why escape rooms are the ultimate SLC Group date idea:

  • They’re original and way cooler than just going to the movies.
  • They’re great for big (and not so big) groups.
  • Everyone will get off of their phones.
  • You can avoid awkward small talk and get right to cracking codes. 
  • There’s nothing more romantic than solving a mystery together.

To take your escape room group date to the next level, book your adventure in the early evening and then head to a nearby restaurant afterward so you can discuss your brilliant heists (or spectacular failures) over dinner. 

Our Salt Lake City Escape Room Complex

We doubt you've EVER seen another escape room quite like our Salt Lake City location. It's HUGE!

When we were looking for a new Utah location to provide our escape rooms, Salt Lake City was an easy decision for us. But with all the local businesses, sports teams, corporate offices and other large groups that call SLC home, we knew we would need a space where we could accommodate everyone at the same time! And boy, did we find a great spot.

Located right in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, escape room action is never far away for our friends in Utah's beautiful capitol city! We have an entire multi-story building ready to host your next event. It's hard to miss as you drive down 400 South. We are proud to not only be one of the very first escape rooms in Utah, but also the most affordable.

If you've never tried a Getout Games escape room, Salt Lake is the place to finally give it a go. Nobody offers more immersion, more unique puzzles, or more space for your group at a better price. We're ready for you—can you Getout?

Book an amazing escape room experience with us today!

(To book a Getout Game online, click on the menu tab "Escape Rooms" to select the mission you want to take on!)



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