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Customize Your Provo Corporate Event

  • Choose the number of escape rooms you need for your Provo corporate event (max 10 guests per room).
  • All of the escape rooms you reserve begin at the same time. No waiting necessary. Some groups like to compete to see who can escape their room first!
  • Maximum capacity (if every escape room is reserved) = 68 guests / 7 rooms
  • Flexible scheduling. We are happy to work with to book your Provo corporate event for a date and time that works best for you.
  • Flat rate of $175/room + tax

Provo - Escape Room Options

The Provo

2 Rooms Available


1 Room Available


1 Room Available

Zombie on
a Chain

1 Room Available


1 Room Available

to Mars

1 Room Available

Book Your Provo Corporate Event

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    Once your reservation is completed, you and your team just need to come to Getout Games Provo at the time of your event and enjoy the experience we have waiting for you! You won't find a more exciting or unique corporate event in Provo.

    The Perfect Provo Corporate Event!

    So, you're in charge of planning your company's next corporate event. Provo's Getout Games has you covered! Here are some reasons why our corporate package is exactly what you are looking for:

    Something Different

    This isn't just any old office party. At Getout Games, your corporate group will work together to beat the clock and complete a mind-testing escape room mission! This is the only Provo corporate event where you can pull off a heist, get chased by a zombie, or explore an Egyptian tomb. Nothing brings the group together in a more entertaining way than escape rooms! Our Getout Games corporate event package will be the most unique and memorable activity you've had together. We're confident about that!

    Each Getout Games escape room is designed around a specific mission or story, with unique puzzles and challenges as well as a few surprises. In order to successfully complete your team's mission, and escape before time runs out, everyone will need to work together to problem-solve, prioritize and find solutions. It's ok if you've never done one before—all you need is a little motivation and a sharp wit.

    The friendly game masters at our Provo Getout Games location are ready to help you enjoy the best corporate group activity you and your coworkers have ever had!

    Fun + Team Building

    Escape rooms aren't only a great time, they are also a valuable learning tool! Bringing your corporate group in for an escape room is an opportunity to observe and build communication skills and good teamwork. The skills that will help you succeed in an escape room are also valuable in the workplace.

    Instead of putting everyone through another long training meeting, why not have some fun learning through a hands-on activity? The thrill of the game and immersive space makes it so much fun, it won't even feel like training!

    . Your group will be forced to work together, problem-solve, and decide who will take the lead. This will be a corporate event that feels like a party but with the valuable insight of a business training seminar.

    If you'd prefer to just forget work for awhile and have fun with your group, that's great too! Either way, we guarantee a fun experience for all.

    Fits the Budget

    Corporate events and office parties have to keep within the budget, we get it.

    Besides already being the most affordable escape room company in the Provo area, our corporate group package pricing is structured to give you even more bang for your buck! Feel free to customize your package to suit your needs and your budget and we will get to work preparing a visit to remember. When you book a Getout Games-Provo corporate activity, you get the VIP treatment!

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