Bring it on.

The Perfect Youth Group Activity


Need to plan next week's youth group activity, and looking for something new?

Got a combined Mutual activity coming up, and want the boys and girls to actually talk to one another?

Got teenagers in the basement that you want to get off of the video games for awhile?

We've got you covered here at Getout Games. Send them our way for an hour and we'll provide an exciting, challenging, team-building escape room experience. We love youth groups, and they seem to love us!


Bring your youth!

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Book a Youth Group Activity at Getout Games

We aren't afraid of that rambunctious, teenage energy! In fact, we welcome it.

For larger youth groups, we love splitting up into multiple rooms and having the youth race to see who can escape first. A little competition raises the stakes!

If your youth group will include more than 12 participants, check out our special package options!

Youth Packages - PROVO
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