The Egyptian Tomb Escape Room in Salt Lake City, UT

Can you solve the tomb secrets?
The forbidden tomb of the Dark Pharaoh and his Dark Queen has finally been discovered. For centuries the legend of these rulers has been shrouded in mystery. Perhaps there is a reason that no one has ever found this tomb…and lived to tell the tale. Your team needs to solve the mystery of the dark rulers before the sand in the hourglass runs out (roughly 60 minutes).

Escape Them All

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  • Pricing: 1-9 people: $24.99 each, 10-20 people: $22.99 each
  • We recommend blocking out 1-1.5 hours for your adventure
  • Please arrive about 10 minutes early
  • A waiver is required for insurance purposes…you are stealing from an Egyptian Pharaoh after all…
  • Refunds are not generally available but we are almost always able to reschedule your game with at least an hours notice
  • This room requires at least 4 participants


  • This experience has two rooms designed to hold up to 10 people each
  • If you book out all 10 spots a group discount will be automatically applied


call/text 801-810-7264 (Provo)
Or 385-355-1180 (SLC)