Why Escape Rooms Are Good for Team Building

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A good team-building activity should be fun and challenging enough that your employees must work together to achieve a common goal. This makes escape rooms an ideal team-building activity. 

There are many reasons why escape rooms are good for team building. An escape room is a real-life adventure that involves tough codes, hidden clues, and challenging puzzles. Anyone can experience the thrill of escape rooms, but they’re especially popular for corporate events. Getout Games offers escape rooms for businesses of all sizes. Employees can all gather in one room, or they can split up into multiple rooms as long as there are a minimum of four people in each room. 

Whether your team has been working together for many years or is fairly new, escape rooms are a great way to motivate employees and help them get to know their co-workers outside of the office. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose Getout Games for your company’s escape room team building. Plus, check out our FAQs to get answers to any questions you may have. 

Improve Communication Skills

Communication is vital to solve the puzzles and escape. This gives an opportunity for quieter employees to come out of their shell—they have to make their voices heard to escape the room. 

Encourage Collaboration 

Another positive aspect of escape room team building is that it fosters collaboration between team members who may not otherwise work together. The entire team has to work together to solve the various clues and challenges; nobody can do it on their own. Escape rooms help employees broaden their horizons and learn to work with people they may not be familiar with. 

Identify Employee Strengths

In an escape room environment, it’s easy to observe the employees and get to know their strengths. For example, some people are born leaders who are good at managing teams. As a manager, you’ll see this when your employees are put into a high-pressure environment like an escape room. It will become evident who has the ability to lead teams. Escape rooms also have various puzzles and challenges, so you can see who is a visual learner, auditory learner, or doer.

Foster Creativity and Problem Solving

Escape rooms offer many challenges. In order to solve these problems, your employees will need to think outside the box. Plus, there is a time limit, so this boosts creativity and innovation. It can be exciting for a company to see a team solve escape rooms through problem solving and creativity while under time pressure.

Improves Time Management Skills

Escape room corporate team building is also a great way to improve time management skills. Teams are given an hour to complete the challenges and escape from the room. In many cases, it happens, but sometimes it doesn’t. A team that doesn’t solve the challenges in time may need to work on their time management skills. 

While one hour may seem like a lot, the time goes quickly, so each player soon learns that they can’t waste time. Every second counts when it comes to escape rooms. The good news is that escape rooms are often designed so that the goals can be broken down into manageable tasks. This allows each player to share the work and take on various tasks that will help the team escape. This makes escape rooms challenging, but achievable.

It’s Affordable

Why are escape rooms good for team building? They offer an hour of fun at a great price. Prices vary, depending on the type of room you choose as well as the number of employees. However, you can expect to pay roughly $19.99-$24.99 per person. 

This makes escape rooms affordable for any company looking for a fun event to motivate employees and help them best utilize their skills. They’re great off-site activities that are highly inclusive because they don’t involve specific knowledge or skills, unlike team sports or trivia games. 

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Escape rooms aren’t just fun and games—they’re very rewarding for employees and beneficial for companies. Now that you know why escape rooms are good for team building, contact Getout Games to book your corporate event in Provo or Salt Lake City, Utah, today!