What is an escape room?

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What is an escape room?

When you first hear the term “escape room”, the concept may make you a little nervous at first, but trust us… escape rooms are a blast! While some escape room companies may niche themselves in that horror-type of experience, most escape room companies work hard to provide exciting, family-friendly scenarios in which you work together to complete a mission and escape the room. In the digital era of screens and pixels, the hands-on aspect of escape rooms is a refreshing take on social entertainment. And people are eating it up! Check out this article on how escape rooms have become so popular.

So what is an escape room actually like? Each one is unique (that’s part of the fun), but all require teamwork and clever thinking to solve puzzles, unlock secrets and complete a mission on your way to escaping the room, all before time runs out!

What is an escape room strategy for success?

  • The most important element to any escape game is communication! The groups that don’t escape the room in time are usually groups that don’t share information or coordinate efforts well. So talk!
  • Anything could be a clue. Give everything a close examination! Good escape rooms will make puzzles that aren’t obvious at first look.
  • Keep track of things left to be solved, so you remember to come back to them. Some puzzles require information not available until later.

What kinds of groups are escape rooms made for?

EVERYONE! Seriously

Looking for a fun corporate activity to bring the team closer together? How about a date night that isn’t the same old dinner-and-a-movie? Or maybe you just want some good family fun- you see where we’re going with this! Escape rooms are a perfect fit, no matter the occasion. The real question is – what is an escape room NOT good for!?

What is an escape room going to cost me?

Prices depend on things like location, quality of experience, and the size of the group you are escaping with. Our rooms at Getout Games are priced per person, with lower per person prices for larger groups. Some escape rooms elsewhere can get up to $30-$40+ per person, but most are less than that.

What are you waiting for?

So, have we convinced you of all the fun you’ll have trying an escape room experience? Be warned, it’s kind of addicting! If you’ve ever watched an action movie where the hero saves the day, and thought “that would be fun”, then now is your chance to become the hero yourself. The only question is – Can you Getout?

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Good luck!