What Is an Escape Room Like?

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What’s an Escape Room Like, and Why You Should Experience One This Year

An escape room is a 60-minute, multi-sensory, live-action adventure game.

Escape rooms are loads of fun and have been all the rage for over a decade. Get ready to learn all you need to know about escape rooms and how to succeed!

The History of Escape Rooms

Did you know escape rooms are not new and have actually been around since the mid-2000s?

Popularized by Japanese creator Takao Kato, escape rooms were originally designed as in-person games where people could try their luck at completing a live-action video escape challenge. Eventually, the concept expanded so much that the demand for physical locations and hands-on games exploded across much of Asia and Europe.

Not until 2014 did these physical escape locations gain popularity in the US. Major cities all over began crafting their own stand-alone experiences for Americans to enjoy.

These great collaborative games became epic opportunities for team building and bragging rights for individuals and groups who love a good challenge.

What to Expect from an Escape Room Experience

Amazing Themed Rooms

You’ll be hooked from the minute you walk into your perfectly curated, themed escape room. At Getout Games, we have the best rooms with the most engaging clues and stories. Select from a bank heist, Mars mission, superhero standoff, church room, zombie room, ancient Egyptian tomb, and nuclear reactor meltdown room.

Get to Know Your Game Guide

With your room selected, your team will get to meet your game master. Our game guides at Getout Games are experts in escape rooms. They will lead you to your room, explain all the rules, answer any burning questions you have, and prepare your team to start the mission.

Ready, Set, ESCAPE!

It’s time to escape! Your team is on your own. But don’t worry—you won’t be left without support. Start searching, observing, and playing to your strengths as the clock ticks back from 60 minutes to 0. Talk to your teammates. Communicate clearly. Use all your senses to solve riddles and discover clues to make it to the end before the time runs out.

Use Your Lifeline and Get A Clue

Remember, we said you won’t be alone. At Getout, your team can reach out to your expert game master for clues and support. It’s our pleasure to help your team succeed in cracking your very own escape room.

What You’ll See in An Escape Room

Your team is inside one of our epic escape rooms. You all are taking a look around. 

Some of the cool artifacts you may come across include:

  • A hidden safe 
  • Maps
  • Keys
  • Locked boxes with combination codes
  • Countdown timers
  • Ancient hieroglyphics
  • Futuristic super tools

These are just a few of the items your team may see in our Provo and Salt Lake City locations!

We can’t tell you EVERYTHING, but trust us: it will be unforgettable!

How to Win in An Escape Room 

The ultimate goal of any escape room is to WIN! Here are a few best practices to ensure your team gets the most out of your escape room experience.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Check everything out. And we mean everything. Even the smallest clue may have the biggest impact and mean the difference between success and failure.

Observe, Observe, Observe

Did we say observe? That’s because your team should observe and use all the data provided to crack codes and uncover clues before the 60 minutes expires.

Did you check the walls? How about inside those drawers? Look above, below, over, and under to take advantage of the sneaky clues all around.

Play to your Strengths

Who in the group has a great memory? Is there anyone who is naturally great with puzzles or solving riddles? Do one or more people in your group profess to know about the topic of your room theme?

Use every person’s strengths. No skill is too small when under the pressure of solving an escape room mystery. 

Check for Patterns and Keep Track of What is Solved

Consider designating one or two people to record your progress. Keep the team aware of what has been solved and what still needs to be figured out.


Even if your team notices the time is slipping away—don’t panic. It’s crucial to remember that this is supposed to be fun! Getout Games has designed our escape room experience to be challenging, but not impossible.

Stay organized

Communicate with one another

Ask your game master for help 

And most importantly…


Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about the history of escape rooms, what to expect from an escape room experience, and how to win, your team may still be wondering about the big elephant in the room…

What if the time runs out before we complete the challenge?

If you all fail to escape in time, don’t worry! Your team will have a great time working together to solve your mission within 60 minutes.


If you don’t solve it in time, you can always book again with us and perhaps try your luck in the same room. Or be bold and select a fresh, new mission!

Is your team ever locked inside a room?

No way! Anyone in the room can leave at any time for any reason.

What about COVID?

To make sure your party is as comfortable as possible, we have precautions in place to keep everyone safe:

  • We only accept groups of four or more and require reservations.
  • Masks are no longer required but are still available to our guests upon request.
  • Your team can expect a safe, clean, private room.

Don’t wait any longer for some of the most fun you will have all year long. Schedule your escape room reservation today!