Ready for mystery? Escape room games you’ll love

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Mystery Escape Room Games

One of the most popular styles of escape room missions is the mystery. In mystery escape room games, the whole experience is based on a question to be answered. Who committed the murder? Who stole the jewels? Where are they holding the hostage? As opposed to just locks and keys, you’ll mainly find pieces of information which serve as clues to point you in the right direction or to narrow down your possible solutions. These types of escape games require plenty of patience since the answer will likely not be made clear until you’ve made your way through all of the puzzles. Beware of red herrings!

Solve mystery = Escape room

In a well-designed mystery escape room game, solving the mystery should also give you what you need to escape the room. Although escaping is secondary to your main mission, it is usually still connected in some way. If you are too focused on simply finding a way out, you will likely miss important elements for your mission. Usually, once you have solved the mystery, you’ll know how to escape the room as well. It takes good teamwork and communication to stay on track!

Ready for a mystery? Escape games to try in Utah

  • A super immersive mystery escape roomUtah’s only Egyptian tomb can be found at Getout Games! In the tomb, you must discover secrets in order to unlock the mystery of immortality, as well as avoid a curse!
  • Find out what a super-villain is up to (it’s not good) in The Superhero Standoff- the newest experience at Getout Games
  • Have you ever wanted to be on one of those detective shows? Take on the murder mystery in the CSI room at The Escape Key. It’s a crime scene with a few twists!