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LDS Escape Room

Not only do we offer escape room experiences in Utah, but we also offer a FREE LDS escape room that anyone can download and set up wherever they are! This escape challenge is designed around the 2018 Mutual Theme for the youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The goal is to provide a fun activity for helping participants think about the principles and doctrine contained in the mutual theme. It would also be great for a family night, ward activity, or pretty much any group activity!

The Setup

To put on this experience for your group, you’ll first need to download the materials from the LDS Escape Room page of our Getout Games website. The free download includes:

  • instructions on how to prepare and run the activity
  • links to videos that will be used as part of the activity
  • printable materials that you will need to set up your space

Although these free downloads will provide nearly everything you will need for setup, there are a few small things you’ll need to find yourself. All of these extra materials should be found at the materials center in most LDS church buildings.

The Experience

The storyline of this escape room is that the ward’s bishop has been taken hostage by a couple of interesting characters who are demanding a ransom. The mission- save the bishop!

The puzzles and clues involved in the room will require participants to work with the scriptures and other church materials. Our hope in providing this experience is that it will not only be entertaining but will also provide an opportunity for discussion afterward on the gospel principles involved in the game.

We currently have only one version of this downloadable escape game based on the 2018 Mutual Theme.

We invite you to give it a try!