Funny things heard in escape rooms

Funny things heard in escape rooms…

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Escape rooms are a unique experience. 

You are stuck in a room with people you may or may not know, trying to complete a mission you may or may not know how to complete. It’s an activity ripe for confusion, humor and occasionally, chaos.

Here is an ongoing (we’ll keep it updated) list of some of the more humorous things our game-masters have heard uttered inside our Getout Games escape rooms. All of these were actually said by real guests. Enjoy.

“There are too many people in this room. Someone has to die!”

“Ok, who wants to give their bra!?”

“Guys this tape measure is fake! Wait….maybe its real. I’ve never actually seen a tape measure all undone before…

“Let’s say a prayer.”

“I say we give up now just because someone farted.”

“Do you guys serve wine?”

“Is 1 Corinthians in the Book of Mormon, or the Bible?”

“NO, David. This is NOT a date!”

Man grabs wife and kisses her- “If I’m going to die, it’s going to be like this!”

“Put the P in the corner? YOU pee in the corner!”

“The REAL gold is that we got to spend time together…”

Five year old kid- “Can we just give up?”

“The answer is _____ ! Ice cream on me if it’s not _____ !”

“Guys, don’t go in. I guarantee it’s a trap.”

“That’s a long code. That’s like my wifi code!”

“Well, what should we do now, friends? Give up and die?”

“Where is ‘fire’ on the periodic table of elements?”

“I was THIS close to working at a bakery. And now… I’m a zombie.”

Person 1: “Guys, I have gas…”    Person 2: “We are all going to die!”

“We’re going to die! Guys, everyone gather around and look at this picture of a baby alpaca while we die.”

*holding up Bible* “The Bible will guide is in the right direction!”

“We’ve got a racist teddy bear!”

“Who is a boy scout that can pick locks?”

“Did anyone bring some ecstasy?”

Person 1: “Just use your Jedi mind tricks to get it.”   Person 2: “That’s not how the force works!”

“Ok, let’s first divide up into smart people.”

“What if we put the numbers in alphabetical order?”

“There’s 39 minutes left- we’re SCREWED!”

“I was so scared I grabbed someone’s boob!”

*sees fortune cookie* The only asian person in the room: “YES. This is my area of expertise.”

“This is so exciting- we are finally going to touch Plutonium!”

“If it comes down to it, I will eat Garrett.”

Girl: “Now what?”  Guy: “Wanna make out?”  Girl: “Don’t touch me.”

“Just let Hillary do it. She’s a pro- she took a sewing class.” *said while planning a task that has nothing to do with sewing*

“Wow, we’re so smart when people tell us what to do!”

“It magnets to that magnetizer thing!”

“There are too many cooks in this kitchen!”

Person 1: “P.U… what is P.U.?”   Person 2: “P.U. is me in about 10 seconds.”

“You guys go over there. I already booped him in the belly-button, and he’s the god of death.”

“Machinery… is that a noun?”

“We can’t trust you! You’re trying to lead us astray and distract us just like Satan!”

“I think the colors are numbers of the alphabet. What letter is yellow?”