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You could go bowling again, or you could break into a mob boss’s super-secret safe…

You could watch Netflix, or you could explore a cursed Egyptian Tomb…

What’s your next date night going to be?

At Getout Games escape rooms, a new exciting mission is behind each door, and they will beat your “regular” outings any time! And if you’re thinking you’re ready to try an escape room, Taylorsville residents are just a quick trip away from the most immersive experience Utah has to offer!

Zombie on a Chain

Escape Room Adventures Near Taylorsville

Besides pulling off The Heist and exploring the Egyptian Tomb, Getout Games in SLC also has escape rooms where you’ll need to use your wits to find a zombie antidote, shut down a nuclear reactor and more! Taylorsville is just a 15-minute drive away, and more than worth the trip!

A few reasons escape rooms at Getout Games make a great date night:

  • You have to interact and communicate! The mission itself is like a built-in ice breaker, and it’s so much fun that you’ll naturally want to start working together to figure it out.
  • It’s exciting! And you want your date to have an enjoyable time with you, don’t you?
  • The more people in your group, the less it costs per-person. Group dates are a blast!

So whether you live in the Taylorsville area or are just visiting, you’ll definitely want to check us out. Another bonus about an escape room date—you’ll have opportunities to look smart and impress your date!

Booking an Escape Room – Taylorsville Residents

Before you make the drive over to Getout Games, you’ll want to make sure you have your time slots booked in advance. We can fill up pretty quickly, especially on the weekends!

Booking is easy, and you can take care of it right here on our website. Just select the escape room experience you want to do, and fill out the information as it’s asked of you. You’ll get a confirmation when you’re done, and be ready to go!

So, when you’re ready to mix it up with a new kind of exciting, immersive fun, we’ll be ready for you over here at Getout Games!

Can you Getout?