Escape Room—Draper

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By now, you probably already know about escape rooms.

If not, you have some exciting catching up to do! They quickly became the unique, thrilling, most popular new entertainment trend over the past few years.

We at Getout Games believe that we love escape rooms more than anyone else. Like, we LOVE them! And for that reason, we strive to make our escape room experiences unlike any other ones you’ll find. Our main focus—Immersion.

Our SLC location is huge. We took over an entire complex so that we would have the space to create next-level spaces that transport you to new worlds. And our puzzles are second to none.

Are we sounding a little full of ourselves? Maybe. But you’ll see that it’s 100% true once you step into a Getout Games escape room. Draper residentsyou’re just a quick drive up the road from seeing for yourself!

Well Worth the Drive from Draper

Yeah, we know you have an escape room venue in Draper. That’s cool. We’ve actually been there ourselves, and it’s not bad! That company really went all-in on the scary-style escape, and if that’s your thing, you should definitely check them out!

But we’re 100% confident that if you take a few extra minutes to pop over to SLC for a Getout Game you’ll be back again soon for another one. We’ve had people so pumped up after finishing one of our rooms that they book another one as soon as they are out!

As we said before, we’re all about the immersion. If you take on our Egptian Tomb, you really feel like you just entered a tomb. If you try to shut down our Nuclear Reactor, you’ll really feel the pressure mounting as steam billows out and the sirens go off!

We don’t want our escape rooms to just be props and a cheesy storyline. Our puzzles are integrated with the mission, and we put lots of time (and money) into ensuring that stepping into each room transports you to another place.

So, if you’re in Draper looking for something to do, we guarantee you won’t regret a trip up to Getout Games. Your local place will still be there for you later, but we invite you to come see what we have going on over here!
A sneek peek…

Booking an Escape Room—Draper Residents

As you may already know, escape rooms typically require booking in advance. Since we can only fit so many people in a room at once, and to ensure a great experience, we have time slots that close one hour before start time for each mission.

The easiest way to book a Getout Games escape room for your next date night, party, or corporate event is to make the reservation here through our website. You’ll receive a confirmation email and receipt when you complete the process.

You can also give us a call at (385) 355-1180, and we’ll get you set up over the phone.

We’ll see you soon, Draper friends!

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