A Guide to the Best Kid-Friendly Escape Rooms

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As a parent, it can be challenging to keep the kids entertained and find new activities for them to try. Luckily, Getout Games is family-friendly! There are plenty of kid-friendly escape rooms that will help engage critical thinking skills. This guide will help you choose the best room for your family. 

What Makes an Escape Room Kid-Friendly?

When searching “kid-friendly escape room near me,” it can be challenging to determine what you’re looking for in an escape room to make it a practical experience for your family. It’s crucial to pick a space that will be engaging enough for everyone, including your smaller kids. 

Remember, participants are typically locked in these rooms for about an hour, so you want to make sure the kids will be able to have fun in the room for an extended time. We recommend picking a room that aligns with your children’s interests and curiosity. 

Another factor to consider is the lighting; some escape rooms feature darkness, where you have to use flashlights or small lanterns while hunting for clues. If your kids are afraid of the dark, check for a fully lit room. 

Sometimes, there are also loud noises involved. For example, nuclear reactor rooms typically have loud alarms going off at different points in the game. If noise is a concern for your family, ask our staff about which rooms limit that as well. 

Which Rooms are the Best for My Kids?

While all of our rooms are family-friendly, some are more suitable for different ages than others. Remember that escape rooms can be challenging, even for adults, so be sure to pick a space that will keep the family happy and having fun, regardless of the end result. 

The Heist

Though they’re all challenging in their ways, if you’re looking to give your kids the best chance to succeed, the Heist is one of the least tricky escape room options. You have an hour to break into a safe, steal the gold, and get out of the room before time’s up. What kid doesn’t love a hunt for gold? 

The Superhero Standoff

This room’s theme is another crowd-favorite for the kids. If your family loves all things superheroes, this room is for you. The goal is to avenge the superheroes and become a hero. Have the little ones prepare for the battle by donning their favorite hero costume.

Egyptian Tomb 

This themed room aims to explore the tomb and uncover its secrets. If you love solving mysteries, this one’s for you. One key aspect to note is that this room is dark and lit up by lanterns. Using a lantern to look around is cool for some children, but it can be scary for others. We don’t recommend taking kids who are afraid of the dark into this room, but for those who aren’t, this is an opportunity to fulfill dreams of exploring in the dark. 

Zombie on a Chain

The zombie room is a crowd favorite because it spices up a typical escape room with something you wouldn’t expect: a “zombie” in the room with you. It is also another one of our more straightforward rooms to escape. While solving puzzles, you are also dodging the zombie, whose chain is getting longer and longer as more time passes. One of our staff plays the zombie–whose costume is not gory. This room is not recommended for younger children but is an excellent time for many older kids and teens. 

If you’re looking for something religion-friendly, we also offer a special church-group escape room and can host youth groups

How Can I Sign My Family Up? 

If you still have questions, visit our frequently asked questions page for more information about our rooms and the process. Please note that kids between ages 4 and 11 can participate when your group books the entire room but will need an adult present to help guide them through the puzzles and games.

Kids can participate in our escape rooms so don’t miss out on a fun adventure! Contact Getout Games to schedule your reservation today.