11 Fun Things to Do in Utah

11 Fun Things to Do in Utah

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You’re spending time in Utah now and there are so many fun things to do! We have a beautiful state full of national parks, memorable attractions, and exciting activities. Between visits to natural wonders, it’s great to know other local activities that bring people together too. 

There are fun things to do with kids in Utah if you have a family, like zoos, escape rooms, and educational sites. Your family will get closer, and you’ll all learn something new. Other groups, like work teams and church groups, can also enjoy activities, making new bonds between members and creating memories. 

Check out this list of fun activities in Utah to spark ideas for you and your group. 

1. Getout Games

Getout Games creates adventure-filled experiences for couples, small groups, and large groups. Why sit and watch a movie when you can be part of the action? Live actors get you to work through exciting simulated puzzles and scenarios, such as exploring an Egyptian tomb, surviving a mission to Mars, thwarting a mob boss, or saving the world from a nuclear bomb.

You can take a date to a 60-minute experience and really get to know each other. Your family or friend group can enjoy an action-packed story you’ll be talking about for weeks. Do you ever say you want to try new things? Well, this is really new, different—and fun!

Visit Getout Games in Provo or Salt Lake City. You can even book several rooms at once for 100 guests or more for a corporate event or youth group.

2. Heber Hatchets

Learn a unique, exciting, and memorable skill: axe throwing. This sport is getting increasingly popular across the country, and the people behind Heber Hatchets show their passion for it every time you visit. They help every guest have a great time. 

Your date, family, or group will have fun—guaranteed. This is even a fun thing to do with kids in Utah. Senior citizens are welcome too. Heber Hatchets takes you through guided practice and friendly competition to make sure you feel included, have fun—and even become accomplished at axe throwing! Visit Heber Hatchets in Logan, Provo, or Salt Lake City. 

3. Temple Square

You can’t miss Temple Square when you’re in Utah. It’s 10 acres of beauty and history in downtown Salt Lake City. There are exhibits to explore, inspiring art, historical education, and gorgeous native and imported plants carefully tended, changing with the seasons, and decorated for Christmas in the winter.

4. Arches National Park

This is the most iconic natural park in Utah, and one of the famous arches is on our license plates. You can explore more than 2,000 natural attractions in Arches, including pinnacles, arches, fins, and balanced stones. The red rocks, desert sunsets, and hiking trails will inspire you and make you want to visit again. 

5. Hogle Zoo

If you’re in Salt Lake City with kids—or a group that loves animals—visit Hogle Zoo near Emigration Canyon. You can see animals in a variety of ecosystems and areas, including the following: 

  • Asian Highlands
  • Rocky Shores
  • African Savanna
  • Elephant Encounter
  • Small Animal Building
  • Great Ape Building
  • Primate Forest

This is a fun group activity for schools, clubs, youth groups, and small or large families in Utah. 

6. Capitol Reef National Park

What does this name mean? This park contains sandstone domes that look like capitol buildings and cliffs that appear a little like a barrier reef across the land. 

The main attraction is the Waterpocket Fold, an area about 100 miles long where the earth’s crust is warped. You can see ancient layers of sediment as the cliffs are eroded. There are arches, cave systems, ancient animal tracks, and more. Camping out under the desert sky—seeing the Milky Way arm in which we live—is also breathtaking. 

7. Antelope Island State Park

This is the biggest island in the Great Salt Lake at 42 square miles. You can drive your family or other group out to it across human-made causeways. Take food for a picnic. Enjoy the renowned scenery, go birdwatching, cycling, or hiking. Feel the unforgettable sensation of floating in the saltwater. You can also reserve a campsite to stay overnight.

8. Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon rivals natural wonders around the world and is a unique attraction. It’s hard to find another massive canyon filled with red rocks, spires, and hoodoos, fascinating rock towers in unearthly shapes. You can drive through to see amazing views and sunsets or take an easy hike down into the canyon to see the rocks, plants, and wildlife up close.

9. Utah State Capitol

The capitol building in Salt Lake City has a beautiful view of the city from Capitol Hill, and the scenery alone is worth a visit. But the neoclassical and Corinthian building is also a beautiful piece of history that was first completed in 1916. And it’s an impressive restoration project that was finished in 2008. It’s a perfect place for kids to learn about government too.

10. Zion National Park

At Zion, you can hike through a forest beside the Virgin River, drive through part of Zion Canyon, and visit waterfalls, a hanging garden, and the Emerald Pools. Sandstone cliffs of red, cream, and pink tower over a canyon rich in diverse animal and plant life. 

11. The Escape Key

Similar to Getout Games, The Escape Key has exciting escape rooms for players of all ages. Come on a group date, with a bunch of friends, or for a corporate event. These escape rooms are especially good for families, as there is no minimum age limit. 

The Escape Key has multiple locations, including in Provo and Salt Lake. 

Explore Utah

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Utah, you’ll never run out of activities and attractions. The national and state parks are breathtaking, and the local businesses will keep your group entertained with unique experiences like the escape rooms at Getout Games and axe throwing at Heber Hatchets. 

Get your group, special someone, or family together, and plan one new activity you’ve never done before. Explore Utah!