The Best Escape Room Utah Has To Offer

Getout Games Locations In Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah

What is Getout Games?

If you're looking for the best escape room in Utah, Getout Games is the right place. We have exciting escape rooms in Salt Lake City and in Provo. Getout Games is a new entertainment concept known as "live escape rooms." These real- life adventure games are designed for small and large groups. Each team is given 60 minutes to work together, solve puzzles, crack codes and get out! Book today!

Group Activities and Date Night

Whether you're one couple or a group of 16, you'll love the chance this gives you to interact closely and get to know each other better. Plus, it's always fun to try something new together. If you are looking for date ideas in Utah, look no further.

Escape Room Experiences

The Heist

Angry mob boss from The Heist escape room

Mission: Steal the Gold
Mob Boss: Crazy Coz
Heisters per Room: 8-10

  • Provo


    2 identical rooms available

  • Salt Lake City


    4 Identical Rooms Available

Reactor Meltdown

mad scientist from the Reactor Meltdown escape room

Mission: Shut Down Nuclear Reactor
Physicist: Professor Von Schnitzel
Engineers per Room: 10

Egyptian Tomb

Dark Egyptian pharaoh from the Egyptian Tomb escape room

Mission: Discover the Tomb's Secrets
Whose Tomb: The Dark Pharaohess
Explorers per Room: 10

Zombie on a Chain

Professor from the Zombie on a Chain escape room

Mission: Stay Alive
The Experiment: Doctor X
Scientists per Room: 10

The Superhero Standoff

Evil villain from The Superhero Standoff escape room

Mission: Become the Heroes
Where: The "Museum"
Museum Guests: 10

  • Provo


  • Salt Lake City


Mission to Mars

Evil villain from The Superhero Standoff escape room

Mission: Survive in Space
Where: ??
Spaceship Passengers: 10

  • Provo


  • Salt Lake City


Friends & Families

Create more lasting memories in one hour of Getout Games than in dozens of movies and other familiar events. Getout Games is exhilarating for kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. Good family fun for all!
A Getout Games escape room is a great activity for the office. Help communication and teamwork. Companies especially like the competitive nature of our head-to-head matchup. Put your team's brains to the test for your next corporate activity!
We can accommodate groups of all sizes. If you have a special event or just a big group of people looking for something fun to do, we're ready for you. Getout Games escape rooms are the best thing to do in Utah! We are happy to help you book multiple escape rooms to fit everyone in at the same time.

Why is Getout Games the best escape room Utah has to offer?


At Getout Games, we have gone all in on providing an immersive experience, letting you be the hero in a variety of unique scenarios. Our goal is to provide escape rooms that make you feel like you've left Utah and entered an entirely different place. When you enter our Egyptian Tomb, it really looks and feels like a tomb! To break into the Heist safe, you actually need to break into it! We don't rely on gimmicky props, we go all out! Even our game master hosts stay in character throughout your entire visit.

Fun for the Whole Family!

Besides being highly immersive, we also pride ourselves on being totally family-friendly. While being home to a lot of escape rooms, Utah also is home to a lot of big families! We make sure all of our rooms are appropriate for guests of any age. We don't do the blood and gore like some other escape room businesses have adopted. Even our Zombie on a Chain room, which is a little more intense than the others, still is suitable for the whole family. All of our different escape scenarios are challenging without being near-impossible!

We Love Utah, And Utah Loves Us!

We are proud to not only be one of the first escape rooms Utah came to love, but also the most community friendly! We regularly participate in giveaways, donations, and community events, as well as putting on our own puzzle treasure hunts in the Provo and Salt Lake City areas. Book today – it's a blast! We also like to run fun promotions from time to time, as well as do things like hand out cotton candy during the Freedom Parade, post riddles and puzzles on social media, sponsor halftime shows at BYU games, and engage with our fans. That's right, we have fans! With our mission to become more than just an escape room, Utah has seemed to embrace us and we are so grateful for that!

A Talent For Team-Building

Office parties, sports teams, scout troops, rehabilitation groups—we have experience with all kinds of groups looking to build teamwork and communication skills. And you won't find a more exciting team-building activity!

We have built ongoing relationships with a variety of Utah businesses, schools, and community groups that love bringing their teams in to experience the high-quality entertainment we have become known for. We even helped administrators vet applicants on their problem-solving skills!

The unique combination of entertainment and group problem solving inherent in the experience has made each Getout Game escape room Utah's most creative team-building activity!

So, if you're looking for a unique, exciting, family-friendly entertainment experience in Utah, escape room fun at Getout Games is just what you need! We'll be ready for you!


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