School Dance Groups

The Best “Day Date” In Utah

*The School Dance Deal*

Students at any of our partner schools in Utah can get 25% off on the day of their school dance by showing their student ID card!


Reservations must be made over the phone, so give us a call when you know what escape room your group would like play.

You will need to provide your name, email address, and the school you attend in order to set up your booking. Your group will be charged when you arrive for your scheduled Getout Game. Make sure you bring your Student ID!

The School Dance Deal is only valid for games before 5PM on the day of the dance.

Choose a mission for impressing your date!

Call to reserve when you know the room and time you want!


Without a "Day Date", is it even really a school dance?


call/text 801-810-7264 (Provo)
Or 385-355-1180 (SLC)